Mycorrhizae Products

Mycorrhizae are the natural linking of plant roots with beneficial fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants. The plant performs photosynthesis and other above-ground functions, and the fungi handle underground nutrition-gathering and protect the roots. Our inoculant products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and true to the species and counts shown on their labels. Our mycorrhizae products contain the top types of mycorrhizal fungi appropriate for any combination of plant, soil, and climate. In addition, our products are not simply raw inoculants but a proprietary blend of ingredients which have been rigorously tested over many years to provide the best colonization of the root system in your application.

Our mycorrhizal inoculants have been developed for and used successfully by commercial growers since 1996. Our products are based on years of research on mycorrhizae and thousands of grow tests developed to obtain optimal performance.



General Use: The mycorrhizal fungi spores are brought out of their dormant state by a chemical signal given off from plant root.  The fungi spores need to find their way to the root zone of the plant or tree.  Any method that results in the spores being in the root zone of a plant or tree will work, and once the infectivity occurs, the beneficial fungus will spread to neighboring roots.

Our standard mycorrhizae product are packaged in convenient 3 lb. reclosable jars. We have recently added smaller size containers for home gardeners or those who wish to experiment with bio-inoculants. We also offer larger bulk mycorrhizae products packaged in 25 lb. bags for our larger commercial grower customers.

All products have a guaranteed minimum shelf life of two years, if stored at normal room temperatures. Please contact us with any questions regarding applications.